Welcome to my blog.
My name is Mary Katherine.
I am a journalism student
at Indiana University.

This blog has very
little rhyme or reason.
I do often post
about international news.

I'm interested in Brazil
and hope to travel there soon;
I study Portuguese
and political science
along with journalism.

The Most Embarrassing Moment of My Life

My friend and I were walking through a hallway today discussing how female praying mantis will eat the male praying mantis’ head when they’re mating.

And so I say in a voice that is probably not as quiet as it should have been

"Awww yeah boy, gettin’ some head tonight awww yeahhh"

EXCEPT we were walking past a full lecture hall with its door open

And the professor stopped talking

And everyone started laughing

There were probably 200 people in that lecture hall

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